Merch for Church Drive and Fundraise 123 with Buteeki are Exclusive for churches and not for profit drives

Thank you for allowing Buteeki to help with your next fundraiser. It is with great pleasure to know our work will be meaningful and help our fellow brothers and sisters achieve their higher goals!

Benefits of a T-Shirt Fundraiser with Buteeki

  • Entice your contributors with beautifully branded apparel and accessories that will last
  • These products will offer more visibility and ultimately promote your church or organization
  • Buteeki created a streamlined approach removing the headache out of planning and operations

Easy as 1-2-3

1.) Together we’ll simply plan a day for launch with dates the contributors can buy the merchandise (ideally a two-week period).

2.) Buteeki will provide a customized flier or poster design that can be posted in visible areas, entrances, etc. This printed communication will inform the public about the fundraiser, provide digitally enhanced images of the merchandise with your organization’s branding-logo-etc, as well as a QR code they can easily scan which takes them to the product page Buteeki will have setup on our website to purchase directly.

3.) Let your contributors purchase the merchandise directly on the buteeki checkout page. Buteeki will collaborate with your staff to provide weekly updates, and personally deliver the merchandise to you, along with the donation agreed upon per order. That’s it!

Click on picture or link for example product page


By providing your church or organization a simplified process of planning and conducting your fundraiser you should be able to offer more fundraising opportunities and be able to focus more on your organization at the same time. Buteeki is your ideal partner located in San Antonio Texas keeping the business and money local, plus we’re a graphic design company that has the expertise to ensure your brand is displayed professionally and with quality. We will provide a weekly update on the orders submitted, will provide grade A customer support for you and your contributors, as well as hand deliver the merchandise at the agreed upon time. Buteeki strives hard to earn your business more than just the first time. We know the importance of partnerships that last, and in which starts with communication and consistency. Consulting is free. Please call, text, or email us right away for more information or to get started on your next Fundraiser!